2015: Unser Öperchen

Musik: Dieter Schnebel, Libretto: Daniel Kehlmann


To mark the Kindergarten’s tenth-anniversary, composer Dieter Schnebel has set to music an original libretto by the writer Daniel Kehlmann. Right now the children are eagerly tackling the music and the material. Their little opera, or "Öperchen," will have its (private) premiere in the foyer of the Schiller Theater, with Daniel Barenboim at the Podium.

Oeperchen probenarbeit

Each year the children mark the end of the kindergarten year by presenting a special show for their parents, siblings, and grandparents. The project takes several weeks to prepare, and is accompanied by much hard work, creativity, and excitement.

The children are supported by the musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin. When his calendar allows, Daniel Barenboim also takes part.